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New Equipment.

Mistress Vanessa loves acquiring new toys of torment, to add to her, already huge, range of equipment.  Latest to arrive at her dungeon is a new design of ball crusher and a pair of “electric” drumsticks.


 “Electric” Drumsticks 


Ball Crusher

 The devilish design of the ball crusher ensures there’s no escape for the testicles whilst they are squashed, twisted, stretched and electrocuted!  A back plate traps the balls tightly, the front plate then screws down and slowly separates and compresses the ball sack.  You are totally at the mercy of the beautiful Mistress Vanessa; how tightly will she turn the screws?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Extra torment comes from the electrical contacts inside the device.  Mistress can connect any one of her many power boxes and soon have her victim hopping about and screaming.



Additionally, weights can be added, or the device chained to a wall, floor, limbs or anywhere else the devious Mistress Vanessa decides.

An item sure to amuse the mistress and terrify the victim!



The drumsticks allow mistress Vanessa to “gently” touch her bound victim with one (or both) sticks and send electric current though the body.  Where will she touch next?  How high will the current be?  How long will mistress maintain contact?  You might even be blindfolded and have no idea when or where Mistress Vanessa will next attack!


Another item sure to bring giggles of delight from Mistress Vanessa.


Mistress has an amazing variety of cruel implements and equipment.  She also has the imagination and ability to use them to best effect.  No two sessions are ever the same.  Contact Mistress Vanessa now and book your unforgettable experience.


(November 2022)