Painful pleasures

I have seen Mistress Vanessa intermittently over the years and my only regret is that I have not had more sessions with her.  She is a very attractive and charming lady.  When I first saw her, I was more into gentle domination being more of a submissive than a masochist.  However, even though I am one of her more mature slaves, she Is very sensitive and perceptive of this slave’s needs and the sessions have been more intense.  Mistress Vanessa is very imaginative and while the general outline of what will occur in the session is always adhered to, she follows her imagination and has the uncanny knack of increasing your pain threshold and extending your limitations.


At our last session, Mistress Vanessa told me to undress and go to her chambers.  I had a nervous few minutes looking at all the equipment and wondering what would happen.  She looked stunning when she came into the chambers, dressed in PVC and thigh hugging leather boots.  Mistress Vanessa takes control without raising her voice, collard me and expressed her disappointment at my lack of control as this would involve some painful punishment.  I was tied to the St Andrews Cross and given a sound flogging.  The ties were reversed, and Mistress Vanessa told me that my nipples would receive some overdue treatment.  I have been told by her I am a wimp when she deals with my nipples and my eyes watered when they were twisted and bitten.  Mistress Vanessa gave me her lovely smile when she saw my distress and was clearly enjoying herself.  Mistress told me she was still not satisfied with my control and I was blindfolded.  I did not know what would happen but I had an idea that my cock might receive some ill treatment.  I was given 12 with a flogger which again made my eyes water and the worst part was waiting for this punishment.  When the blindfold was removed, Mistress again gave me one of her lovely smiles and told me that she was still not satisfied with my control.  I was secured over the Fetters bench and received a very hard hand spanking and 24 strokes with her paddle.  When I was getting to the stage I could take no more, Mistress said she was happy and we could move on as my bottom was now extremely red.


It was time for some electrics with electrodes attached to some tender parts.  I was told to sit on her throne which would normally not be a problem but by then I was hooded, collard, in a straitjacket and with an anal hook.  This treatment caused me to jump around while Mistress Vanessa merely gave a delightful giggle.  I was then transferred to the bondage bench and as can be seen from the picture; I was under her total control.  There was some painful needle play near my balls (Mistress told me the needles were larger than normal)! And various sounds while I was in this helpless position.  The largest sound was very painful and unusually I was congratulated on my fortitude.


For the last activity I was told to bend over the Fetters bench and the human equivalent of a horse’s bridle with reins was attached to my head and the bit between my teeth.  Mistress Vanessa than rode me expertly and vigorously for many, many minutes.  I was in subspace having lost any vestige of control and was totally dominated.  How exhilarating and what a wonderful session.  Mistress Vanessa said she had plans for this slave’s next session.  They would include her medical couch so the slave could take larger strap-ons and more, a bodybag and needles would be used and possibly the cane and some stripes.  What a fortunate slave!

Slave N,

(October 2022)

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