One Lunchtime in West Yorkshire

In Painful Pleasures Mistress Vanessa told me of further pleasures that were to come in future sessions. They included enlarged strap-ons, some stripes and heavy bondage in a leather Body Bag. The strap-ons have reached an optimum size, I have received some stripes although Mistress Vanessa has described them as junior stripes and in our next session I was trussed up in a Body Bag as can be seen in the picture attached to Painful Pleasures. I was also hooded and totally under the control of Mistress Vanessa and had no alternative but to accept the electrics to the butt plug and other tender parts. In truth the session ended far too quickly as I could have stayed in this extended heavy bondage for far longer.

I had such a great session with Mistress Vanessa today that I have been permitted to share some details with you. I was greeted by Mistress Vanessa in all her loveliness and dressed in black – latex top, thigh length boots and leather trousers. I handed to her some room aromas and her Christmas card. I was told that I had pleased Mistress and she would now decide what happed in the next two hours and no input was required from me. I was told to climb the steep stairs and wait for her in the Dungeon undressed and facing the wall,

Changes had been made to the dungeon since my last visit. There was a gantry with wooden sides which almost reached the roof and some pulleys as well a trove of BDSM equipment to suit every taste. I noticed the illuminated sign Mistress Vanessa in case I had forgotten where I was. The Dungeon is very atmospheric and I waited apprehensively. Mistress Vanessa put a leather hood on me and secured me to the punishment bench as I needed reminding who was in charge. I received a prolonged hand spanking followed by an unpleasant paddle and six of the best with a dressage whip. I enjoyed thinking about the punishment afterwards and the marks will disappear after a few days.

After being released Mistress Vanessa inserted a gag into the hood which was extremely tight and I was then secured to the bondage bench and my legs lifted by the pulleys. Two needles were inserted in each nipple and as Mistress wanted a neat pattern four more were inserted. I then received electrics to the butt plug and tender parts. If I thought I was dominated then, I was even more so when Mistress Vanessa put her heaviest straightjacket on me and I could not move when Mistress started sounding me with a number of rods including an electric one – challenging yes but I was totally dominated and under her control. It was a great experience. The rest of the session passed in a blur and every part of me seemed to have received some treatment.

It was a wonderful session by a beautiful and imaginative Mistress and further details are in the pictures. If you are granted an audience by Mistress Vanessa, you will be very fortunate.

Slave N
December 2023

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