Extra Tuition for Recalcitrant pupils

    On this occasion, the Headmistress of the Chapel School (aka Mistress Linda) and myself, the Deputy Head (aka Mistress Vanessa) decided that we had to do something different, as we has a number of boys who were really in need of specialised tuition and discipline, as they were failing in all aspects of learning and behaviour. So we summoned all five of them to a special day on which we hoped that old-fashioned study and suitable chastisement would improve their attitudes and performances.

I rang the bell from the Headmistress’s study and a hustle and bustle ensued as they took their places standing by their desks, ready for registration and inspection of uniforms. After that, the lessons began, the first being History. 20 questions were to be answered and they were told that anyone failing to get 10 or more of these right would be punished in front of the class. Only one achieved this meagre level, so the Headmistress and I took each boy in turn and made him present his bare bottom over our knee for a good old-fashioned hand-spanking. One of the boys seemed to find the occasion amusing so he received 20 with a plimsoll which soon wiped the smile off his face!

The next lesson was General Studies and most of them wriggled as they sat on their burning bottoms. The same conditions applied, except that the punishments would be more severe. Half way through the test one of them was caught with his mobile phone trying to find the answers. He received 6 strokes of the ruler on each hand so would not be holding his phone for a while, and the phone was confiscated. The results of the test were abysmal, but we weren’t surprised, so they were lined up and each one was bent over the Headmistress’s desk and given one stroke with the Scottish Tawse for each question they had got wrong. Yelps of pain were heard from all sides!

This led us nicely to lunch-time and we both hoped that more would be achieved in the afternoon session. But of course we would be able to incfrease the severity of the punishments if it wasn’t!!

And of course it wasn’t! So, after all of them failed to reach 10 in the Geography test, they were ordered to the punishment room. Here every kind of punishment was meted out – flogging with a rubber whip, paddles, tawses and other straps, and the boy who got the fewest correct answers over all the tests was flogged with a knotted cat o’ nine tails. Finally, because of the dismal performances during the day, we decided that each needed a thorough caning. One of the boys had to leave early for a dental appointment, but, as I am always fair with the pupils,  I said that he could be the first to be punished! The lowest achievers were caned from both sides by myself and the Headmistress.

Dealing with these miscreants had been very hard work so we both decided to allow ourselves a little fun at the end with a caning competition to see which boy could take the longest ‘Chopstick Caning’ . This is something we have done before using one cane in each hand and delivering strokes as fast as possible up and down the buttocks. Needless to say, none could withstand such a barrage of punishment for very long!!

If you would like to attend one of these School Days, please note that you must have sessioned with one of us beforehand, so that we can establish limits.

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