Fantastic Friday

Last week I spent an afternoon at the Chapel Dungeon doing another of our increasingly popular Mother and Daughter domination sessions. We really enjoyed the session and so apparently did Slave P, so much, in fact, that he sent the following account of his time with us, and this is what he said, giving it the title of ‘Oh Poor Prue’: –

“Behind the door of the Chapel Dungeon there awaits a truly unique experience, guaranteed to tempt tease and torment any slave who considers himself bold and brave enough to submit to what can only be described as the ultimate in Female Domination.

As a slave who considers himself to be both bold and brave, I have been privileged to experience this unique experience of Mother and Daughter domination from Mistresses Linda and Vanessa on previous occasions and can confirm it becomes an experience you will yearn to repeat.

So once again there I stood, locked in the cell, awaiting the attention of the Mistresses. On a previous visit, Mistress Vanessa had, with twinkle in eye, teased me with the threat of a sissy transformation, which I had never thought of as my kind of thing, but being a slave who is ever eager to please, I had rather foolishly attended today’s session wearing a black lace thong, hoping this would be enough to please the Mistress, oh how wrong can you be! As the Mistresses entered, I was met with a vision of elegance and beauty clad in figure-hugging black PVC. Hiding any degree of excitement in flimsy lingerie is, I now know, impossible. Mistress Vanessa was amused but not impressed by my dribbling cock and decided it was time for some impromptu slave humiliation and so quickly added to my ensemble a bra, blonde wig and instruction on walking like a lady. Just when I thought the situation could get no worse, Mistress Vanessa turned to Mistress Linda and said, “Oh, what shall we call her? She needs a name”. Names were quickly suggested and rejected before Mistress Vanessa declared, “I know, Prue, we shall call her Prue”. Both Mistresses were agreed, the Chapel’s new girl had been named. “What’s your name?” asked Mistress Vanessa. “Prue, Mistress” I replied. “That’ right”, she said, “Prue, now Prue, come here and get over my knee”. As Prue lay over Mistress Vanessa’s knee, receiving her much-deserved spanking, she could only wonder how her training may progress in the future.

Humiliation over for now, and play reverted to the more familiar  territory of pain and torment, a trip to the barn dungeon next door beckoned, whereupon I was strapped to the cross and hoisted aloft, complete with firmly affixed nipple clamps and ball weights. Freely floating in mid-air, I was now very much at the mercy of the two Mistresses and they knew it, so followed a furious flogging to front and back. Things by now were really in full cry and in no time at all I found myself back in the red room, undergoing what can only be described  as shocking electrical torment. Were my groans those of a slave in a state of torment? Or a slave in a state of ecstasy? In truth probably both, as the Mistresses are truly gifted in the art of dispensing pain and pleasure, simultaneously and in equal measure.

After being unplugged from the National Grid, it transpired I was in the perfect place to receive some hefty corporal punishment. In short I was in for another damn good thrashing. Mistress Vanessa was quick to commence punishment proceedings, going in good and hard with what seemed like every strap available in the Chapel Dungeon. Strapping complete and for me some brief respite, as both Mistresses deliberated which canes to use on my bright red behind. Canes chosen and the Mistresses were quickly into their stride, taking it in turns to deliver successive batches of perfectly aimed and precisely delivered  full-force strokes from each and every cane they had elected to use.

An end to yet another perfect session in the Chapel Dungeon, in which this slave had amongst other things been humiliated, beaten, strung up, flogged, electrified and subjected to yet another merciless caning.

According to the internet other Mistresses are available, however I very much doubt any of them have the ingenuityof Mistress Vanessa or the skilled refinement of Mistress Linda.”

Thank you, Prue, for your account of the session and your kind words. I can assure you all that we enjoyed it very much too.

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