Slave C

Hi everyone,

I was hoping to have put up a new blog before now but have been very busy dealing with old and new slaves, and also organising the next School Day along with Mistress Linda. I’ve had lots of fun sessions, so I’ll start with one from the other day that was quite interesting.

This involved Slave C. He is a long-standing and loyal slave, whose main interest has always been CP, but in the previous session I had said to him that it was time for us to widen the scope of our activities and perhaps try a gentle introduction to some new things, so I told him to go and write down 6 new things that he was interested in but possibly too scared to try. I said that I would also write down 6 things that I wanted to try with him, and then, when he came for his next session, we would put all 12 in a tin without our seeing the other’s suggestions. Of course, he knew better than to ask for certain things! And I too, of course, knew not to suggest anything that I knew would be completely out for him. During the session then, the papers would be put in sealed envelopes, and one would be drawn out at random, and that activity would be carried out.

Slave C duly arrived. I had spent some time preparing my chosen activities, and was ready for him. He was ordered to strip, and I put a collar on him. I allowed him to choose the first envelope, which he passed to me to open and reveal his fate! It was one of my choices РSensory Deprivation. So he was ordered onto my Bondage Couch and fastened tightly with all the straps so that he could not move. He was hooded, blindfolded and prevente3d from hearing by the White Noise coming through the headphones over his ears. He was tormented and teased with various  items, some pleasant and some not so pleasant! A variety of sighs, gasps, yelps and squeals told me that Sensory Deprivation was something that he would definitely like to try again Рperhaps even for a longer time!!

When I had released him, I told him to bring me the tin, as it was my turn to choose. I took the next envelope and opened it – his choice this time – nipple play – which surprised me as I know that he has always been reluctant to try anything like that. So I knew that I needed to be gentle at first and not use the most severe of my clamps. Not wishing to put him off at the start, I started by squeezing and pulling with my fingers. Then I moved on to the mild vibrating clamps, which always work well. Then I decided to try another sensation, so I got some thin coarse rope, soaked it in surgical spirit and threaded it through the vibrating nipple clamps, pulling it back and forth across the already punished nipples. This was his short introduction to nipple play – pinching, vibrating, then burning – and it was fun to watch his face waiting for the spirit to heat his nipples up!

The third choice, one of his, caused a slight change of plan, as this could only be carried out at the end of the session. All will be revealed soon!!

The fourth choice – his yet again – was to have his erect penis whipped! First of all I used my trusty massager on him to ensure that it was as hard as possible, so that the whips would sting all the more! I told him that I would use 3 whips, each more severe than the previous one, and give 3 strokes with each. So I secured his cock in my vice so that it would stand out at the required angle, and gave him the first 3 which made him gasp each time. Then the medium one, which brought forth squeals and yelps of pain, and I knew that I would have to use the massager again before the last 3!! These duly followed and obviously hurt like hell!! Let’s just say I’m glad my house is detached!!!

This brought us nicely back to the third choice. He had wondered how it would feel to receive 12 very hard strokes of the cane after he had climaxed at the end of the session! So I used the massager on him first. As many will testify, asking me for 12 very hard strokes of the cane is not something to be undertaken lightly!! But that was what he had suggested and that was what he got! “Excruciating” and “Never again” were his words!! But even so, it might happen!!

That was all we had time for. It was another enjoyable session and we agreed to do some more next time.

Thanks to Slave C. Watch this space for the next instalment and also for the antics and escapades of School Day!!

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