Slave C’s Review

Following on from his next session, Slave C has sent me this review.

“I first had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Mistress Vanessa at a BDSM party hosted by her equally lovely mother, Mistress Linda, many years ago. After that day I defected for my regular pain fix to Mistress Vanessa, a point that is often made back to me when I see her Mum at the regular slave day/caning parties. All said in good part I might add.

I have lost count of the number of times I have sessioned with Mistress V, and you might think that over the years it would be difficult to keep the spark, the same interest and enthusiasm for sessions, but believe me it is easy, easy because we know each other quite well, easy because she does have such a brilliant imaginative mind and easy because I am game to try most things at least once. Although I do have a NO Entry sign tattooed on my bum-hole which Mistress totally respects.

And so I move on to the pleasure/pain pot where we each put 6 BDSM themed items on a piece of paper and placed into the tin. Mistress gave you all a very good account of the first session and I have the honour of providing the second account so here goes.

I followed her up the stairs to the pain/pleasure room, a good few steps behind her so I could better appreciate the view as her slender legs and exquisite bottom walked seductively up the stairs, encased in the finest lingerie, well certainly her legs were, the rest was left to my perverse imagination. An exchange of pleasantries was followed by me undressing and going over those beautiful legs and knee for a warm up spanking. Warm up spankings are so nice, so lovely and sensuous, a nice way to ease into a session and allowed yet another early glimpse of those stockings and heels. Mmmmmm. Moving on to more serious pain, three straps laid across bared cheeks presented over the spanking bench. One of three certainly made more of an impression, hardly surprising then that it was a genuine Lochgelly Tawse and although it looked the less evil of the three be assured it certainly packed a punch and made me take notice. Six cane stripes were added to complete the warm up, making my cheeks red, striped and hot to the touch. Wonderful.

So to the tin.                                                                                                                                                                                         One of Mistress’s selections – Predicament Bondage                                                                                                               My cock and balls were tied up, I then laid on my back, a rope was fastened to the cock bondage and then passed over the suspension frame, running back to my feet which were manacled together. I was instructed to raise my feet about 18 inches from the floor, the rope was then pulled tight so that if my feet were lowered the rope would pull on my cock and balls stretching them, so you get my predicament. Now I am a reasonably fit person but I am not an athlete and so it was only a few minutes before my legs tired, ached and then I sought some respite by lowering them, only of course to have the rope tighten and stretch my man tackle, which did look a little dejected and sorry for itself suffering this painful stretching. Mistress V can be a sadistic Lady to rival most Dommes, but she does have the safety of her submissives at heart, and after all you never know when the tackle may come in useful, so with her normal delectable smile she let me out of my predicament, the relief as my feet touched the floor was heavenly.

My turn to pick out of the tin.                                                                                                                                                       Another one of Mistress’s selections – Bastinado                                                                                                                 Obviously I had heard of this and knew what it meant, but not something we have ever tried and so I was laid on my back along the length of the spanking bench. Ankles were fastened to a portable bar and then raised up to present the soles of my feet for punishment. Mistress first used a cock whip but this wrapped round my ankles so was changed for a cock strap. Owwwchhhhh that hurt and in fairness the strokes were not that hard but six had my undivided attention. A thin whippy cane was used to give me a further six, which again hurt like hell and I cannot bear to imagine what it must be like to be punished in this manner like they do in some middle eastern countries.

Now something not out of the tin but what we were discussing as the session progressed was caning using two canes simultaneously with light strokes really fast up and down the back, bottom and legs. This was a gane that the dynamic duo (Mistress and her Mother) had recently tried at a caning party and some of the most hardened pain sluts had succumbed to the safe word in only a few seconds. Would I like to try, why not, so released from my Bastinado position I went onto my front. I was asked how long did I think I would last before having  to shout – Stop – one minute I said with bravado, really? came the reply which immediately put my mind in doubt, however in for a penny in for a caning so, oh my that hurt the repetitive mild strokes really built up quickly into a most painful caning and I did well to keep my mouth shut before shouting – Stop Please Mistress – after 20 seconds. And that was just with two canes, imagine if there were another two canes at the other side. No Thank you Ladies.

I need to explain fellow submissives the last pick from the tin and why I put it in so you get the idea. It may be just me but if I bring my legs up when I masturbate at the point of orgasm I cannot keep my legs in the same position, they immediately go down and I am unable, despite trying numerous occasions, to keep them bent and up. Try It! So with this in mind we went on to the last pick from the tin. Cum Zipper.                                                                      Three clothes pegs were tied together at 6 inch intervals with string which were then pegged to the inside of each of my thighs so six pegs in total. The end of the string was then attached to my ankle cuffs, my legs were of course brought up to my chest, the string was tightened to ensure that even the slightest movement of my ankles would ensure pressure was put on the pegs. Mistress then used her magic massager to bring me to an orgasm, the feeling of the pleasure building and yet with the knowing of what will happen if I came was intense, my mind was trying to focus elsewhere to delay the inevitable but with the closeness of Mistress, with her scent and her smile I exploded and with that sure enough my feet shot out and the pegs flew off my inner thigh flesh. The pleasure of the orgasm was not overshadowed by the pain of the peg zipper on vulnerable skin, if anything quite enhanced. Next time maybe 6 on each thigh or something a little stronger than pegs. Maybe…….

That concluded our Pain/Pleasure choices from the tin for that day. I must say I am intrigued to know what that bucket of water, placed in the corner for the last two sessions, and as yet unused, what pleasures/pains await. Perhaps I will be allowed to tell you on another occasion.

Slave C”


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